The recently completed expansion and renovation of the Bellevue Public Library was a 5,000 SF addition to a historic Carnegie Library.  It was created on a limited site in order to resolve programmatic and ADA accessibility issues relating to the building entry, accessibility, restrooms, staffing, and provide drive-up services.

In addition to architectural and interior design services, HBM has been working with the Bellevue Public Library since 2009 assisting with bond issue campaign support and developing a building program and needs assessment.


HBM also conducted an assessment of the existing Library building, assisted the library with roof repairs and other improvements. We also assisted with the demolition of structures adjacent to the library impeding expansion.

The design of the expansion celebrates the mission style of the Carnegie portion of the building while opening up the corner creating an inviting and exciting new ADA accessible building entry. The addition also provides a face-lift to the prior expansion from the 1980’s creating a unified building facade.

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