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This project centers on the rehabilitation and improvement of the South Branch Library that was constructed in 1911 designed by Henry Whitfield, brother-in-law of Andrew Carnegie, and his firm Whitfield & King. The South Branch is one of a handful of Carnegie Libraries still in operation in the greater Cleveland area and has been mostly untouched since its original construction. The library is located in a densely populated area, situated between two churches that offer community support services, near three schools, and Tremont park. The condition of the existing building necessitated a move of the branch services to a nearby store-front leaving the library building vacant for nearly a decade.

This complex project began with a thorough investigation of the conditions of the existing building including the exterior envelope, infrastructure, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The analysis included an assessment of code compliance as well as the potential to accommodate the spaces required to support a modern library.   

The selected design concept expands the South Branch to the west in order to preserve the historic Carnegie Library and the integrity of its interior while providing modern library conveniences. The expansion will resolve ADA accessibility issues for the building entry and restrooms, and bring natural light into the center rotunda of the building.

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