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Gates Mills, Ohio

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Lower School

Since our last addition to the Lower School at Gilmour Academy in 1992, the school has once again evolved beyond its present spatial provisions. To sustain the high caliber of student development from Montessori to Grade Six, additional space and upgrades to existing conditions and technology were required.

The addition of 12,525 s.f. to the northwest corner of the Lower School successfully addresses the need for increased space provisions; and the renovations to the library, administration areas and corridors address the remainder of the spatial, technology, and environmental upgrades. These combined efforts will enable the Lower School to continue to experience growth and to achieve the highest levels of academic excellence.

The addition provides not only two additional classroom spaces, but also a science lab and classroom. Much improved music facilities including rehearsal room, practice rooms, and keyboard lab. Also included is a high-tech commons and exhibition space. The Library renovation allows for expanded collections, flexible space usage, and the creation of more accessible computer labs. Great care and planning has been taken to attend to the Lower School’s current issues while designing for the needs of the future.

HBM Architects provided full services for the project including feasibility study, planning, and comprehensive architectural and interior design services.

HBM │ Design Architect, Architect of Record, Interior Designer

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