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Madison, Alabama

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Anchoring a new commercial development while providing needed flexible community space

This new 25,000 SF library provides a community space for the fast growing community of Madison, Alabama. The building anchors the master plan of a new commercial district and serves as a catalyst for development in the area.

The building’s design draws inspiration from the historic cotton mills that drove the region’s economy prior to becoming a hub for the aerospace industry. Carefully deployed materials like corrugated metal, brick and exposed trusses give way to large expanses of glass that bring natural light into the high ceilinged collection spaces and provide views into the dynamic interior spaces. These elements are stitched together in a modern aesthetic consistent with the forward thinking approach of the library.

Open collection spaces that co-mingle shelving with seating and technology promote browse-ability. Raised access flooring in these spaces provides for long-term flexibility. A covered front porch serves as an extension of the library’s adult reading area while a patio and children’s garden provide additional youth program space. The inclusion of an automated material handling system simplifies staff workflow allowing the librarians more time on the floor interacting with patrons.

The building also provides a much needed community meeting space. The large flexible meeting rooms have direct connections to outdoor space which provide for large scale events like outdoor movies and food truck rallies. These resources will help further the library’s mission of enriching all aspects of the community’s educational, recreational and cultural life.


HBM │ Prime Architect, Design Architect, Interior Designer
Fuqua & Partners Architects │ Architect of Record


25,000 SF

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