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Pepper Pike, Ohio

2019 IIDA Award for Best in Public / Civic Interior Design

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Seamless integration of interior and exterior design elements

Situated next to a community senior center and across from the local high school, this library enhances the existing assembly of community buildings. Situated on a natural plain of prairie grasses, the north and south walls allow views into and through the library. Materials inspired by the unique geography were selected to integrate seamlessly into the natural landscape.

Dark slate stone on the building’s exterior and massive fireplace represent the stone found in the creek beds of nearby Wiley Creek and the Chagrin River. Exposed wood columns and beams represent the vast forests of Northeast Ohio. Rich woods and warm colors are used throughout the building to create a comfortable and inviting environment.

The building features a raised access flooring system which allows for maximum long-term flexibility in the interior layout as well as providing cost-saving efficiencies in the heating and cooling systems. Demountable glass partition walls divide the space into rooms while extending visual lines of sight. Technology is infused into every area of the building.

The children’s area features an engaging interactive learning environment inspired by Aesop’s Fables. Through its design, location and materiality, the Orange Branch Library creates strong social and physical ties to the community.


HBM │ Design Architect, Interior Designer, Architect of Record


15,800 SF

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