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North Beach, Maryland

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Located in an active beach community on the eastern shores of Maryland, the new Twin Beaches branch replaces an existing building in a nearby shopping plaza that this bustling community has outgrown. A new highly flexible and multi-purpose branch is being built for a rapidly growing community whose population and resultant needs change according to season.

The new branch, providing nearly four times the space than the library it replaces, has generated much interest in the community. Design elements reflect the existing coastal community while creating a distinct destination for travelers to the region. With the boardwalk only a block away, the library anticipates increased foot traffic from beach goers. A ground level return box and pick-up lockers in the vestibule will provide patrons with easy access.

Mindful of the designated flood plains that are part of the site, piloti elevate the library while providing shaded parking below. These pillars support¬ a sturdy yet elegant building. Inside, the structural columns are integrated into the design. A butterfly roof comprised of glue-laminated beams and featuring acoustic clouds hung from the open structure extends the airy vistas from the outside in. Terraces on both levels are ideal for outdoor programs and events.

The interiors provide a strong connection to the Chesapeake Bay site with maritime themes. Natural elements such as beach glass, pebbles, dock pilings, and dune grasses are echoed in the choice of finishes. The color palette evokes water and crashing waves meeting the shore with varying shades of blue and sandy hued carpeting, curving at points to suggest the ebb and flow of the tides.

Taking advantage of views to the Bay, the adult collection, community meeting room, and quiet spaces are on the first floor. The community meeting room can be divided into two smaller spaces for flexibility of use. Gallery spaces will display local and public art. The children’s collection, dedicated teen space, maker spaces, and other places for interaction and innovation are on the second floor.


HBM │ Programming & Interior Design
Colimore Architects | Architect of Record

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