The Information Commons is widely recognized as an academic library space that emphasizes technology. In many institutions, this type of space is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through badge access. Currently, the public space on the ground floor of the library is mainly occupied by stacks of print journals with study carrels around the periphery and a couple of group study rooms. Our vision of the renovated space includes removal of the stacks to create an area where students can work individually or collaboratively in an attractive, comfortable environment. The space is envisioned to include an abundance of electrical outlets; appropriate lighting; study tables that are large enough to accommodate laptops, books and writing space; and comfortable seating areas for reading; as well as rooms to accommodate the institution’s need for teaching small groups in the problem-based curriculum. We see the space as being high-tech and secure. A vending area will be provided so that students do not have to leave the secure area when studying or working late hours.


The plan provides all of the above with a complete redesign and expansion of the public area on the ground floor of the library. The space offers wireless connectivity, additional group study rooms and individual study rooms, collaborative high-tech areas, wired study tables with room to spread out, an area where technological assistance can be provided, and even the addition of windows on the south wall, a feature that students have often mentioned they would like to have. A variety of seating and work spaces to accommodate individual preferences are included in this attractive layout. The plan will be incorporated into the master facility plan and funds will be sought to get this project underway and completed.

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