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This 30,000 SF project centers around re-imaging how the existing branch library and administrative headquarters buildings interact with the site and each other. The addition links both of these buildings expanding the branch library and creating a re-defined entry for the administrative headquarters. Working within the shell of the existing branch presented a number of challenges for this renovation / expansion project but it was important to the library and community to preserve that structure. 


HBM conducted site evaluations and an assessment of the existing branch library building evaluating the cost of various renovation options.


This unique project involves the development of an 18,000 SF library addition, a new 400 seat auditorium / black box theater, and the renovation of the existing 12,000 SF branch creating a physical connection to the library system’s 185,000 SF Administrative Headquarters over a sloped site.


The Parma-Snow branch circulates more materials per square foot than any other library in the region. This expansion and forward-thinking update to the branch will provide unlimited potential to this community asset.


The addition features a green roof and inviting landscape features to off set the green space that will be lost to new construction.

HBM │ Design Architect, Architect of Record, Interior Designer

Renovation & Expansion linking multiple buildings over a sloped site

LEED Certified