Stark County District Library needed a temporary location for their Jackson Township Branch as the existing building undergoes demolition and re-design. The Library saw this temporary relocation as an opportunity to take advantage of a unique situation to provide services to this community while testing new ideas for potential system-wide implementation.

Some of these ideas include: fewer and smaller service points, express check or self-checkout to replace the traditional circulation desk, an increase in self-service opportunities through the use of a 24/7 vestibule outfitted with after-hours lockers and materials dispensing, a laptop dispenser to supplement the limited space designated for public computer stations, collaborative spaces, increased browsing with display, and enhanced technology.

Customer service is provided through a more retail-oriented model of having a single mobile service point and encouraging staff to roam the space. SCDL is also using this branch to test out the usefulness of adopting RFID for their system. All branch materials are tagged and any ILL materials that float through this branch are also being tagged.

The collection has a focus on popular materials and merchandising to keep circulation up as the branch is supported by the system’s active Inter-Library Loan department. The temporary location is also testing out the use of bold graphics that integrate SCDL’s new branding.


HBM │ Design Architect, Architect of Record, Interior Designer