This project began with an assessment and feasibility study of the existing building owned by the Library  and its mechanical, electrical, and structural systems with a focus on expanding the library functions into a space they were leasing at the time to a local hospital. The adjacent 8,800 SF medical office space was renovated and incorporated into to the existing 28,400 SF Library. A phased construction approach was used to renovate all of the existing public spaces so the Library could remain operational during construction



Due to the large floor area of the building, clerestory windows were added to bring natural light into the space at locations central to each the Children’s area and Adult area. Glass walls were used to define the computer lab and teen center, providing sound isolation while allowing staff to view the entirety of the library space. A whimsical geometric theme is expressed through the custom cabinetry, layout, carpeting, and furnishings in the Children’s area and Storytime Room.  



This building contains a unique After Hours component which can remain open longer hours with minimal staffing. The After Hours area includes activities in high demand by the community including: meeting rooms, a computer training lab, café / gallery, teen center, and reading areas with popular materials. Each After Hours area can be opened or secured independently to accommodate the needs of the community at any given time. 

LEED Certification for Commercial Interiors


HBM │ Design Architect, Architect of Record, Interior Designer