HBM provided services for the reconfiguration of the 47,000 SF Euclid Public Library in 2013. Since our remodeling and expansion of the facility in the early 1990’s, the building was in need of new carpeting. After an assessment of the condition of interior finishes and furniture, this re-carpeting project then turned into “well, if we have to move all of the furniture anyway, we may as well put it back in a better configuration” project. HBM evaluated and discussed trends in library planning with the Euclid Public Library and options for how to position the building for the future.

Stack shelving and displays have been re-evaluated and a new layout for the public areas incorporates a low-profile raised access floor system allowing for easy movement of cables and wiring without detracting from the height of the space. In addition to replacing the carpeting, some pieces of furniture received upholstery updates or were replaced while the majority of shelving and end panels were reused in order to stay within budget. Additionally, many of the existing tables were retrofitted to provide access to power. 


HBM │ Design Architect, Interior Designer