The Re-imagined Sanibel Public Library includes both behind the scenes infrastructure updates to maximize efficiency and lower operating costs within the existing library and functional updates and improvements to both public library and staff spaces.

These improvements include: new, larger windows to maximize the natural light and stunning views; four new Study Rooms; an enhanced browsing experience with more merchandising-style material displays; digital displays; a Business Center; a flexible Maker Space; mobile shelving and furniture that allows for flexible arrangements to host large library events; updated spaces for Children and Teens; and an expanded outdoor porch and revived outdoor courtyard space.

The interior design palette of Sanibel Public Library is inspired by a combination of the natural surroundings of the island as well as strategies for enhancing the existing architectural elements of the library building.  The flooring materials incorporate layers of varying blues you would see at the shoreline as well as varied textures representing water transitioning to the tonal sand and shells along the beach.

Contrasts of warm woods and crisp white beach stones with layered shell textures and resins with natural imbedded materials will enhance custom built cabinetry and carry the natural island inspiration throughout the library. The Children and Teen spaces will feature brighter colors inspired by a combination of the fish swimming underwater in the Gulf of Mexico, and the colorful shells visitors find during a beach walk at sunset.

In order to continue offering services to the Sanibel community through construction, the library renovation used a phased approach. In addition to working with the contractor to develop a phasing plan allowing your library to remain safely operational, our team will develop temporary floor plans that meet your functional needs. Below are examples of the temporary floor plans used for the Sanibel Public Library’s renovation. The plans depict how the library provided services during phase 1 and phase 2 of the construction. The shape of the building lends itself to naturally splitting in half with access to external entry points from each side. After studying your building we can develop phasing options that will be reviewed and discussed with you to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the game plan.

Fundraising brochures, boards, and donor plans were also created for this project to support the Library’s private fundraising campaign. These materials highlighted key aspects of what a renovated library can bring to the community and sustainable design features that promote the environmental responsibility traits important to island residents. 

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