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The Kanawha Library is a model of classical architecture that faced challenges in adapting to modern library services, technology, and social programs. Through collaboration with a real estate/development agent and the library, the decision was made to renovate and expand the current building. This approach allowed us to create a successful blend of historical preservation, modernization, and community-centric design.


HBM │ Design Architect, Interior Designer
Silling Architects | Architect of Record

2023 AIA West Virginia | Honor Award
2023 AIA Cleveland | Honor Award

80,000 SF

Completed 2022

Charleston, West Virginia

Advanced Tech


    Historical Preservation:
    Blended historical and modern elements for unified growth.

    Interior Expansion:
    Improved accessibility with natural light, lower bookshelves, a café, tech access, study rooms, early childhood areas, and meeting spaces.

    Plaza Addition:
    New plaza with reflecting pool and seating for events on Capital Street.

    Inclusive Design:
    Sensory room, adjustable computer stations, and gender-neutral restrooms.

    Accessibility Enhancements:
    Two new entryways, ADA-accessible Summer Street entry, and a skywalk to the parking garage.
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