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Gates Mills, Ohio

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Athletic Complex

Brand new athletic center brings a higher educational quality facility to this private Catholic School campus

The new 78,000 SF athletic complex replaces a dated facility that no longer adequately meets the needs of a rapidly growing athletic program where the natatorium and 1950’s gymnasium were incapable of supporting increasing participation for multiple athletic offerings and fan support. This project included the replacement of the existing gymnasium and natatorium, and the refurbishing of the field house and historic adjacent building.

This revived and expanded facility now boasts a state of the art arena-style basketball court and natatorium, exercise rooms, sports therapy rooms, concessions, student lounge, offices, and classrooms. Heritage Hall serves as an organizing element central to these major components while providing a showcase of the school’s history, academic achievements, and athletic achievements displaying photographs, historic artifacts, and trophies.

The design of this facility was inspired by the dynamic motion of athletic competition. In the 12,000 SF natatorium the curved roof forms undulate reflecting the linear motion of lap swimming juxtaposed with the 17,000 SF gymnasium where the foci of the curved building elements shift creating multiple angles suggesting the multi-directional play of basketball.

The interstitial space connecting these two elements serves as a lobby, gathering place, student lounge, concessions area, and an overflow viewing area for spectators offering views into not only the natatorium and gymnasiums, but also the exercise room, classrooms, offices, and multiple entry points. The extensive use of glass inside the building provides a transparency and openness allowing views to ongoing activities in each space from nearly any vantage point.

Technology is an important component of this facility providing comfort, connectability, and operational efficiency. The building is designed for streaming video capabilities allowing live broadcasting from multiple locations. Digital video screens placed throughout the facility provide visitors with information and broadcast events.

In the natatorium, pool gutters feature a rim flow design absorbing waves created by swimmers resulting in faster swim speeds. The fabric ductwork in combination with frequent air changes reduces condensation on the windows while the HVAC unit contains a heat exchanger recapturing exhaust heat from the air and repurposing it to heat the pool water. The modular truss lighting systems provides high efficiency indirect up-lighting eliminating glare on the water surface. An innovative gravity-fed water filtration system employed in this space uses an ultra violet light disinfection system eliminating the chloramines that create the chlorine gas smell typically associated with swimming pools.

HBM │ Design Architect, Architect of Record, Interior Designer

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