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Butler, Pennsylvania

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Heaton Library & Learning Commons

An outmoded college library brought into the 21st century

The Butler County Community College transformation of the John A. Beck Jr. Library in the Heaton Library & Learning Commons consists of a complete re-envisioning of space use from a currently under-utilized and outdated library environment into a forward thinking, flexible and modern library that can act as an Intellectual and Societal Hub for the Campus and Outward Community. The library space had not been updated since the building was constructed in 1970.

A new entry was created allowing students and faculty to enter on-grade from the main campus path into the second floor. The relocated entry presents an opportunity to create a prominent connection between the first and second floors that facilitates vertical circulation and visual connectivity between floors. Additional upgrades included reopening a 30’ x 30’ pyramid skylight bringing natural light into the center of the library. The renovation also included upgrades to the MEP and Fire Protection infrastructure and a new code compliant plumbing core.

Inside, the library has been overhauled to develop an open and flexible space that provides integrated technology, student-centered spaces for technology-rich collaborative learning and individual study, content creation spaces with audio and video recording capabilities, a shared distance learning broadcast room, a cafe / vending area, improved technology-driven classroom spaces, interactive flat panel screens, outdoor seating, and improved staff visibility through the placement of centralized service points.

Study spaces are defined by sliding glass walls / doors leading into the small community group study rooms placed around the perimeter of the space. Individual seating carrels are located along windows and on stair landings. Comfortable furniture that is easy to move has also been provided throughout the space.

HBM │ Design Architect
R3A │ Architect of Record

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