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24,000 SF Eldersburg Branch | 14,000 SF Finksburg Branch
25,000 SF Headquarters | 16,000 SF Mount Airy Branch
16,000 SF North Carroll | 14,000 SF Taneytown Branch
37,000 SF Westminister Branch



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HBM │ Library Planning

Library service in Carroll County began in 1863, when the Westminster Public Library was founded as a subscription library. In 1949, an endowment from the newly established Davis Library, Inc. provided free library services to the community. The Carroll County Commissioners authorized the forming of Carroll County Public Library system in 1958.

Carroll County Public Library (CCPL) has six branches serving a community of approximately 167,781 residents spread over 449 square miles. The library also operates three vans that provide service to day care centers, senior living communities, and other institutions. Library Headquarters are located in a separate building in New Windsor.

All seven buildings are owned by Carroll County Government and are on county-owned land. While some libraries are in their own building, others share a facility with compatible county services like a Senior Center, Sheriff’s Department, and an Emergency Services Center. The Westminster Branch, located in the county seat, shares their building with CCPL Outreach Services, and has a garage that houses two mobile service vehicles.

The CCPL branches are busy places. Since 1994, CCPL has had the highest per capita circulation in Maryland in 20 of the past 22 years. Since 2009, customers have made over one million visits to library branches each year. Library branches play many roles in the community. Facilities not only need to house materials for check-in / check-out, and in-house use, but also to provide space for technology, as well as for learning activities and other communities events.

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