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15,000 SF Brunswick Branch | 65,500 SF C. Burr Arts Branch
2,500 SF Emmitsburg Branch | 2,900 SF Middletown Branch
1,500 SF Point of Rocks Branch | 25,000 SF Thurmont Regional
31,000 SF Urbana Regional | 15,000 SF Walkersville Branch



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HBM │ Library Planning

Frederick County Public Libraries (FCPL) serves 245,322 residents through its flagship C. Burr Artz Library, Brunswick Branch, Emmitsburg Branch, Middletown Branch, Point of Rocks Branch, Thurmont Regional Library, Urbana Regional Library and the recently constructed and opened Walkersville Branch. Later this year, the new Myersville Community Library will open to the public. FCPL also serves the greater community through a Community Bookmobile and Early Start Bookmobile to underserved areas, groups and organizations, as well as a robust online presence for the community.

Looking back at FY18:

• FCPL had 169,390 registered card holders
• The total number of visits was 2,080,964 with 48% of those being online visits, 19% visited CBA, and the remaining 33% being at the other branches
• The total program attendance was 204,819 system-wide
• The total number of programs was 6,804 total including the bookmobiles
• The website received 1,559,508 site visits (4,273 average site visits per day)
• FCPL had 2,938,237 system-wide circulation transactions with 28% being at CBA, 27% virtual and the remaining 45% for the remaining branches and bookmobiles
• FCPL total number of physical materials, including digital holdings, reported 633,004

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