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3,400 SF Duncan Falls Branch | 60,000 SF John McIntire Branch
5,200 SF New Concord Branch | 4,800 SF Dresden Branch
1,900 SF Roseville Branch | 2,250 SF South Branch



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HBM │ Library Planning

The libraries of the Muskingum County Library System serve 86,290 residents through its 5 branches, Main Library and virtual presence. 47,362 residents, or 55% of the population, have library cards. In FY17, borrowing of the 196,323 items in the collection exceeded 690,000, 15% of which was downloadable material. The system saw 367,156 visitors through the facilities’ doors and experienced 345,721 virtual visits. Inquiries or requests for assistance totaled 74,664. Over 44,311 public PC sessions were logged.

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