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We began the process with a site analysis to determine location and orientation of the new building to be constructed on the same site as the existing branch.  This community has a large population of active adults where pedestrian and golf cart access were added considerations to vehicular traffic. 


It was also important to the community that the interior design palette incorporate natural materials creating a warm and inviting atmosphere with pops of color through furniture selections, resins, and finishes.


Shelving heights were kept low for visibility throughout the space allowing for minimal staffing at this branch. The space is open and flexible with easily maneuverable furniture to accommodate multiple uses for each portion of the building so that no space goes unused for the majority of the day. 


Our familiarity with this project and the Roanoke County Library System as a whole allowed us to develop a loose conceptual design scheme for initial discussions and public presentations prior to the allocation of funds for this project.

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