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Sandusky, Ohio

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Award winning national historic landmark that has been lovingly restored



The interior of this National Historic Landmark Church, built in 1829, was painstakingly restored and relit. Our historical record and paint layering research revealed long lost stencil details and paint colors. Structural, water damage and cosmetic repairs were made and all surfaces were carefully refinished.

Lighting and lighting controls were replaced with new state of the art systems to provide higher levels of illumination and to discreetly highlight important architectural features of this important space. Six large plaster cast chandeliers were expertly restored and refitted with new interior and exterior lamp systems that provide more light with less power. A dimmer system was designed to provide flexibility, conserve energy and reduce maintenance through extended lamp life.

HBM Architects provided full services including a planning study and comprehensive architectural and interior design services.

The American Institute of Architects recognized this project at the 2005 Design Awards for achievement of excellence in architectural design in the category of historic restoration.


HBM │ Design Architect, Architect of Record, Interior Designer

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