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Pueblo, Colorado

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The Barkman and Lucero Branches sit 2 miles apart but serve communities that differ greatly in terms of demographics and socio-economic levels. Both branches will be expanded with a small addition that will provide new meeting rooms with after-hours access. The updated layouts will be designed to house noisier spaces near the door and quieter spaces deeper into the building. Interior palettes will be based on a subdued nature motif. Mobile book displays, lowered shelving, access to content creation technology, and improved functionality will be hallmarks of both buildings.
The Barkman Branch is adjacent to a community park with good visibility between the two. A new outdoor plaza will extend programming and an expanded parking lot will increase usability of the site. This branch currently utilizes an AMH system at the exterior book drop which will move closer to the entry with staff work areas being reconfigured for improved efficiency. Two enclosed study rooms will be added for focused work / study and laptop lending will be offered to reduce the amount of fixed computer stations instead providing added options for seating.


HBM | Design Architect, Interior Designer, Architect of Record


9,800 SF

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