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Whiteland, Indiana

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The new Clark-Pleasant Branch serves a growing population in this portion of JCPL’s service area. The site is located along Route 31 and abuts an active residential community offering opportunities for connecting sidewalks / paths. The building is located on the southern end of the site allowing for a possible educational nature path and community park to the north. The design of the building is based on the simple geometry of a center glass form embraced by secondary, solid forms on the east and west ends. These secondary forms carry their materials and shape across the front and back of the building via canopies that articulate the front entry and rear patio. In combination with flooring materials, the orientation of the interior space layout further reflects the exterior forms on the inside of the building, creating a connection between inside and out.

Upon entry, clear lines of site direct visitors to the main service point and the outdoor patio space beyond. Similarly, open views to featured material collections, study / meeting / creative spaces, and the children’s area are evident from the front door. The color palette was inspired by a combination of the community mural program and JCPL’s branding colors, bringing vibrant greens, oranges, and purples to life supported by geometrically interesting neutrals.

In addition to study rooms, this branch features a selection of flexible meeting spaces (adult learning center, youth program room, maker space, and large meeting room) fitted with hold-open doors to encourage use by patrons when programs / events are not being held. The library-facing wall of the large meeting room is constructed using an operable glass partition that can open to the main library space and accommodate larger crowds. Furniture in this area is on casters and can be easily moved. The intent is that no space should be under-utilized in the course of the day and to encourage patrons to use these spaces for play, study, lounging, and creative pursuits.

In the children’s area, considerations were made to have interactive activities that benefit the growth of neighborhood children from crawlers and up. JCPL consulted with local schools to identify areas of development that the Library could support. The new Clark-Pleasant Branch also features a fireplace reading area, a dedicated teen area, a maker space focused on robotics programs, an adult learning center focused on language programs and technology training, and individual-use restrooms in addition to a children’s area family restroom.


HBM | Design Architect, Interior Designer, Architect of Record


17,100 SF

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