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Canton, Ohio

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In 2015 HBM worked with the Stark County District Library to develop a Visioning Assessment of their facilities exploring opportunities to incorporate new service models throughout the system in response to changes in library trends and community needs. The 7-branch reimagining process began in 2020 with anticipated completion in 2023. These phased renovation projects apply successful and tested design and functional solutions while still maintaining neighborhood individuality in the arrangement of spaces and programmatic elements.

The DeHoff Branch, situated in an inner-city neighborhood of Stark County, offers a unique range of services tailored to its community. While popular DVD and Children’s collections are available, the branch distinguishes itself as a vibrant community hub where patrons gather for monthly book clubs, knitting circles, and provide a safe space for teens, alongside interactive play areas for children. Patrons frequently engage with staff, fostering a warm, welcoming atmosphere. To enhance flexibility for programming and social gatherings, DeHoff Branch has introduced a small group study room and incorporated more mobile displays and furniture, enabling patrons to optimize space usage. These modifications reflect the branch's commitment to providing an inclusive and adaptable environment for all members of the community.


HBM │ Design Architect, Interior Designer, Architect of Record


4,750 SF

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