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Grove City, Ohio

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A new main library building combining the surrounding historic character with modern library services

Located just outside of Columbus, Ohio, Grove City is a picturesque small town with the charm and sentiment of an early American main street. The new 46,000 SF Grove City Library is prominently located in the city’s historic district. With careful attention to detail, we were able to achieve a design solution that melds historic character with contemporary library services. The architectural treatment of the building’s façade incorporates traditional and timeless materials such as brick, stone, decorative metal, and glass, and weaves them together in a dynamic arrangement which is reflective of the active street life. The building connects to Main Street with a terraced urban plaza where library patrons and the general community can congregate. The entry plaza continues a rhythm of existing pocket parks that line the street, providing a physical connector to the existing urban fabric.

The building features a raised access flooring system which allows for maximum long-term flexibility in the interior layout as well as providing cost-saving efficiencies in the heating and cooling systems. The library is saturated with cutting-edge technologies and features various meeting spaces, collaborative work spaces, vibrant teen and children’s areas, quiet reading and research areas, efficient staff areas, a business center, and a community living room. The library spaces are arranged to enhance visual and physical connections to the surrounding neighborhood and streetscape. Both the interior and exterior of the building are designed to provide active public space. The Grove City Library will be a valuable community asset in both its physical presence and through the services it provides. This new building serves as a main library for the Southwest Public Library system.


HBM │ Design Architect, Interior Designer
Braun & Steidl Architects │ Architect of Record


46,100 SF

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