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Hebron, Kentucky

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Supporting healthy lifestyles both inside the library, and outside around the site

In 2005 the Boone County Public Library began planning a replacement for their 6,000 SF branch that was no longer able to meet the needs and growing demands of library users in Hebron. At the time BCPL purchased a 50-acre parcel in Hebron has access to public transportation via a bus line.

Located in Northern Kentucky, the new Hebron Branch Library will serve a rapidly growing population in this portion of Boone County. The new branch will reflect characteristics of the county through the use of stone (reminiscent of the layered limestone substrate prevalent in the area) along with a slatted façade facing the main North Bend Road, suggesting a barrel motif related to the proximity of the historic Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

The building is situated on the site to take advantage of a raised hill overlooking a nearby main intersection, providing views to and from the library along North Bend. The large glass wall of the main reading/collection area faces north and west, providing views of the original forested areas of the site.

The library will also include a series of large and small Meeting and Study Rooms, a retired adult area, large Children’s and Teen Area’s with a dedicated program room, a drive-up book drop and service window, and parking for 125 vehicles. The library will feature an outdoor amphitheater, including a covered stage area, for public viewing of larger performances and access to public restrooms inside the library.

This new library building is designed to challenge current concepts in service delivery, assist with increased reliance on state-of-the-art technology, and inspire a lifetime of learning for all of Boone County. We helped BCPL consider options for how to best invest in the physical building, technology, furniture, fixtures and equipment. We worked together to examine the impact of the new building layout on staff and other operational resources to maximize not just the construction dollars, but also the operating and maintenance costs that will follow the project.


HBM │ Design Architect, Interior Designer
BCI │ Architect of Record


25,530 SF

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