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Pueblo, Colorado

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The Barkman and Lucero Branches sit 2 miles apart but serve communities that differ greatly in terms of demographics and socio-economic levels. Both branches will be expanded with a small addition that will provide new meeting rooms with after-hours access. The updated layouts will be designed to house noisier spaces near the door and quieter spaces deeper into the building. Interior palettes will be based on a subdued nature motif. Mobile book displays, lowered shelving, access to content creation technology, and improved functionality will be hallmarks of both buildings.
The Lucero Branch is located in an area with a strong community art presence and is heavily used. This project will expand the building as much as possible on its tight site, enclose an existing porch for added space, and relocate the building entry to improve access and security. From the new entry, reorganized public spaces will open the space to clear views and easy wayfinding. The service desk will be repositioned for improved oversight and staff work areas will have a much-needed increase in space. The AMH system will be replaced and tie into new interior and exterior book drops. The new meeting rooms will be better equipped to provide after-school and summer programs in addition to providing meals for children and teens. An A/V recording studio will extend access to technology and study nooks, rather than enclosed rooms, will provide focused spaces with implied privacy.


HBM | Design Architect, Interior Designer, Architect of Record


9,900 SF

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