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Narragansett, Rhode Island

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The new home of the Maury Loontjens Memorial Library (MLML) is an adaptive reuse project located in the former Belmont Market building. The library serves multiple groups including an aging local population, university students living off-campus, and an influx of seasonal residents and tourists during the summer. To meet these varied demands, the new library will double the amount of space available to the public for increased community programs, technology, and access to materials. The re-imagined and relocated MLML is poised to emerge as not only a modern 21st Century Library, but a community anchor in the coastal town of Narragansett.

Minimal but key enhancements to the original building exterior reflect the surrounding coastal New England vernacular of stone, shingles, and wood trim. The existing entrance will be converted to a vestibule, establishing an inviting focal point with a 24/7 book drop. Windows added along the south and west will bring natural light deeper into the space.

The Children’s area contains flexible spaces for story time, early childhood learning, crafting and interactive zones, and also a family restroom. The teen space is open to the centrally located adult / main collection so it can be utilized by adults during the school day. Two adjacent study rooms provide multi-purpose spaces for small groups. A large sub-dividable meeting room with after-hours access seats 107 people. Upstairs is home to a maker space, local history room, and a quiet reading area.

Future planning includes expansion into the adjacent storefront when the current tenant’s lease ends. This would allow the Library to add drive-up services, more reading spaces on the second level, and convert the former market’s loading dock on the north facade into a raised patio.

We are also assisting the library with fundraising support materials.


HBM | Design Architect, Interior Designer and Architect of Record


21,540 SF

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