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Canton, Ohio

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In 2015 HBM worked with the Stark County District Library to develop a Visioning Assessment of their facilities exploring opportunities to incorporate new service models throughout the system in response to changes in library trends and community needs. The 7-branch reimagining process began in 2020 with anticipated completion in 2023. These phased renovation projects apply successful and tested design and functional solutions while still maintaining neighborhood individuality in the arrangement of spaces and programmatic elements.

The Perry Sippo Branch renovation was in partnership with the parks department and is located inside of one of their buildings along a walking trail and lake. The original library design was completed in 2007 by HBM. In addition to the system-wide improvements, this branch also features a new aquarium in the children’s area and a fireplace quiet reading area that reinforces the connection to nature with views of the surrounding park and lake.


HBM │ Design Architect, Interior Designer, Architect of Record


9,400 SF

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