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Warrensville Heights, Ohio

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A flagship facility that encourages children to play, learn, and grow

HBM worked very closely with the Cuyahoga County Public Library to accurately translate their vision and building program into an attractive, functional, and high performance facility. The new 25,000 SF Warrensville Heights branch library is a flagship facility, setting the bar for projects that followed.

The performance of this building reflects an innovative approach to floor plan flexibility. Transparency for visual control, the use of raised floor systems for changeable technology and highly efficient air distribution all assisted in achieving LEED Silver Certification.

This branch was also the first in the system to house a book-themed interactive children’s area that promotes early literacy skills through the Library’s Play, Learn, Grow initiative. This space was based on the book “Let It Shine” by Ashley Bryant. Mr. Bryant’s illustrations were brought to life along the walls and incorporated into free-standing displays throughout the space.

This branch library is co-located on the same site as a new YMCA facility and town hall building creating a new civic destination point for this community. HBM worked with the city and the firm designing the YMCA to coordinate site features, orientation, and create a unified frontage along the main road. This project was also the host location for Library Journal’s Design Institute event in December of 2012. This was the first time the event was held at a branch library instead of a large downtown main library due to comparable and flexible meeting space.

Library Journal Landmark Library 2015
LEED Silver
Host location for 12 / 2012 Library Journal Design Institute
Featured in 08 / 2013 issue of School Library Journal (for interactive children's area)


HBM │ Design Architect, Interior Designer, Architect of Record


27,750 SF

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