1382 West Ninth Street, Suite 300
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


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The new Somerset Branch Library replaces the existing Branch located in a storefront around the corner. This is an urban in-fill project confined by the limitation of a tight lot. The two-story building was built because of the size of the lot and due to the slope of the site and the opportunity for parking in the rear of the building. The Library chose to have two entrances, one on each floor, addressing both their pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The rear entrance is also convenient for patrons attending events in the community meeting space on the lower level. 

A single, centralized service point is located for efficient staff oversight within an open floor plan. Future expansion space has been incorporated on the lower level to become a Children’s Area as addition funds become available. This would allow for noise separation between floors with louder functions on the lower level and quieter library space on the upper level.

The use of brick, the rhythm of the windows, and the style of the parapets is contextual to the surrounding buildings that compose this historic downtown surrounded by a rural community. 

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