1382 West Ninth Street, Suite 300
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


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The new 20,000 SF Vinton Branch Library has many innovative and thoughtful design features, including the following: a raised access floor for HVAC and access to power, integrated technology, kid-friendly custom cabinetry seating that can be climbed into, a community plaza, a vendor-operated cafe, and most exciting to the community - a rooftop garden and patio. The rooftop patio features covered seating, an outdoor/indoor fireplace, and a large screen for outdoor community movie nights.


The Vinton Library opened in November 2015 and has become a prominent destination for the greater Roanoke area. It has been denoted as a must visit location by librarians and library directors from surrounding library systems. The prominent and central location of the new building, along with its community plaza and rooftop garden café, provide a new level of vibrancy to the downtown. The site essentially acts as a gateway into Roanoke’s historic downtown district.


HBM provided full architectural and interior design services for this project in addition to facilitating multiple community meetings at milestones throughout the design process. The Vinton Library is LEED Certified.


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